Our Goal

We are keen on training our technical and laboratorial staff through various professional training programs that enrich their ability to meet the highest quality standards.

Our advanced production lines enjoy the most sophisticated inspection devices that helps in maintaining our position amongst the best natural-juice manufacturers.

our vision & mission

Our vision to be the leader in juices in local and foreign markets.
Our mission is to provide a top quality juice to our customers.
Through a wide range of premium and distinguished products.

our standards

We are fully committed to comply with the best international quality standards, by:

- Acquiring the best raw materials, through the most well regarded suppliers across the worLd.

- Using the most high – tech production lines, that utilize the highest technologies in our business field.


Our special distribution channels in local and foreign markets make us unique, especially when taking into consideration our well-qualified sales team trained by professionals in sales & marketing, to enhance our relation with our clients.
We are widely spread in the Syrian market through:
- Our branches ( located in all Syrian territories and provinces ).
- Our distribution fleet: covering all Syrian outlets.